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Colour Management

In an industry where quality and accuracy are key, David Osgar looks at the importance of colour management software in print production

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The devil’s in the detail

Everyone has had that moment of disappointment when a print doesn’t meet expectations. Colours can appear washed out, too dark, or simply unrecognisable to the original image.

This is why colour management has always been vital to the industry to ensure clients’ expectations are met and print businesses are able to maintain their high level of standards. Not to mention the importance of maintaining brand identity.

The move to digital printing and our culture’s ever evolving technology has meant software has had to grow to meet the needs of modern-day businesses. With this in mind, the importance of colour management software and the impact it can have on production cannot be underestimated.

Quality is key

The integration of high quality DSLRs and 4K screens means we are used to colourful and detailed imagery more than ever. The differentiation between monitors displaying RGB and print’s traditional CMYK palette has also caused problems for creators in matching designs that appear on screen, in print.

The variation in the numerous types of screens, printers, inks, and colours all add to a sense of digital and print disparity, making it imperative print companies create profiles to synchronise devices and physical products.

A company that understands the importance of colour management and its development over the past two decades is Color Concepts, which has served the print industry for over 18 years.

The company’s chief executive officer, Marco Roos, says: “Quality has become a commodity and is no longer a magic trick. Printers have become more intelligent and consistent and software solutions have evolved into fully blown workflow solutions with integrations into ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and MIS (Management Information Software) systems.”

Color Concepts has seen the various innovations and advancements in the sector, both in the US and European markets.