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Trade Comment

Wide-format Applications

The capabilities of wide-format print are constantly being pushed with creative projects. Carys Evans asks: “What are some recent trends seen in wide-format applications?”

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Michael Green, Managing director, MacroArt

Colour Control

The most prevalent trend within our industry is the urgent demand from all clients for strong, provable sustainability credentials across both the production and installation process, especially in the use, reuse and recycling of ethically and environmentally sourced materials.

At MacroArt, we have always believed in the importance of establishing truly accountable, authentic and externally verifiable green credentials and are firmly set on the route to achieving this over the next few years. Our commitment to this is exemplified by our achievement of an entirely net carbon neutral project for the English Football League Finals event at Wembley stadium in March.

The importance of effective colour management has increasingly come to the fore in our projects, especially for clients where brand fidelity is vital. At MacroArt, we have always regarded colour management as a key element in delivering client satisfaction and have invested time, money and effort into making it an integral part of every project we undertake. The process is deliberately methodical and step-based to ensure that as much subjectivity as possible is removed from the process, and shortcuts are not taken.

The importance of effective colour management has increasingly come to the forefront

Our studios house two colour assessment cabinets under whose carefully calibrated constant light environments all jobs are assessed. This ensures that all colour adjustment decisions are made using exactly the same qualitative and quantitative criteria.

The MacroArt ethos – as demonstrated by the lengths we go to, to ensure colour management is ‘front and centre’ of every job we undertake – seeks to put accurate colour reproduction back in the limelight in respect of clients’ expectations.

Shifting behaviours
Nathan Swinson-Bullough, Managing director, Imageco
Over the last few years we have seen a huge shift towards a more sustainable print industry. This is a hot topic right now and not just something that is trending, it’s here to stay. The industry is responsible for a large carbon output and a lot of waste.

We are seeing a shift in behaviour from suppliers and print-service-providers alike which is good and something that needs to change rapidly. This is an area we have been looking into a lot in recent years at Imageco and are still continuing to develop.

Sustainability aside, we still have jobs to do but we are also seeing the change from our customers too as retailers also look to be more sustainable. So their actions are reflected on to us as part of the supply chain. We are getting more and more briefs from clients where sustainability is key to the project.

I think we are at a really positive turning point in wide-format print that will change the way we do things forever

I’m a big fan of the new HP Latex printers. We were one of the first in the UK to install the machine and this is a game changer of creative sustainable print.

We have also seen a recent bounce back in retail installations, producing some really nice work for global brands in London, Glasgow and other locations around the country. Unfortunately we can’t speak about these in detail.

There is lots going on to be excited about and I think we are at a really positive turning point in wide-format print that will change the way we do things forever. It’s nice to play a part in that.

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