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Interview With

Jon Telling

Jo Golding talks to Jon Telling, sales director of Perfect Colours, about the importance of working together as a team and their plans to take their product portfolio to the next level.

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(Above) Jon Telling, sales director of Perfect Colours, says their portfolio and team is ‘the strongest it has ever been’

Investing in the future

How long have you worked with Perfect Colours and why did you get into this industry?

I have been at Perfect Colours for three and half years having joined in October 2011. I got into this industry like a lot of people almost by accident when I took a sales role many years ago at a drawing office supplies company and somebody who phoned up wanted ‘a plotter’. I had no idea at the time what that was, but I found one and sold it to the customer. From this point onwards I took the time to gain as much knowledge about that subject as possible and the company I worked for grew the sales of large-format printers to the extent that it eventually dropped drawing supplies business. Since those times the products have improved and developed massively and then, as now, I have a great passion for the subject of large format print solutions.

How have you seen the company change while you have been there?

I have long used the mantra that a great company is made up of three basic things: good products, good processes, and great people, or the three P’s as they are known. Although the company had a good infrastructure we have invested in our systems over the last three years to ensure a better customer experience and improved overall efficiency. We have also invested heavily in finding, training and developing the right mix of sales people, engineers, administrators, and logistics staff to support the much larger product portfolio that includes the traditional Aqueous CAD and Display graphics printers that we are well known for, to now the full range of HP latex printers including the LX series and the mighty L3000 along with UV flatbed printers from such as the FB range from HP, and the EFI H1625 and H2000.

Perfect Colours showcased bold prints created using the HP Latex 360 at Sign and Digital UK 2015

What makes Perfect Colours stand out from its competitors?

I have always had the long standing belief that people make the difference, I know it’s a cliché but as a business we employ a team of truly amazing people who work as a team to procure new business, maintain and develop current business and deliver high levels of service on a day to day basis. A ‘can do’ attitude is central to the way we deal with customers and potential clients along with going the extra mile and hopefully doing the things that our competitors cannot or will not do. Our organisation has service at the core of the business and when structuring our portfolio of printers, software and other peripheral devices we aim to service, support and repair most of the product lines we sell.

Fusion DP purchased the Durst Omega 2 from the Perfect Colours stand at Sign and Digital UK 2015

What is the most important thing to provide your customers with?

This is a question that can be interpreted in many ways, but I would say from a Perfect Colours standpoint, one thing. Knowledge. This is central to what customers need, there is a lot of information available on the internet and elsewhere, but customers need organisations such as PC that have the knowledge and the skill to recommend the right solution for them, install it and offer support service for years to come. They also require the facility for someone to review their needs and make changes as technology and business requirements evolve. Many customers like dealing with us because there is someone to talk to when and if things go wrong, our help desk is always manned within working hours and customers like this reassurance.

Many customers like dealing with us because there is someone to talk to when and if things go wrong, our help desk is always manned within working hours and customers like this reassurance

How did the HP Designjet Production Tour in January allow customers to learn about different products?

The production tour was a great success and it is a mechanism for clients and potential customers to touch and feel the products. We are acutely aware that businesses these days are more short of time than money in some cases so a showroom that travels to them or close to them saves them time and means that the rate of engagement is greatly increased over inviting clients to a set location. For those that attended the tour many made positive purchasing decisions and we forged excellent relationships with all the companies and organisations that boarded the truck. We would certainly welcome the opportunity to do the same thing again.

Perfect Colours have a wide portfolio of large-format printing and finishing solutions

You recently won the ‘Top Re-seller Ranking’ award, adding to a list of awards you have received, how does it feel to be acknowledged in the industry?

We are very proud to have won this award and feel this is recognition of the hard work and dedication of the Perfect Colours team. It has a positive effect on the business overall as it makes everyone feel they are on the winning team and each person’s contribution does make a difference. The success of players in winning teams is well documented and certainly applies here. From a customer perspective it more than helps when you are recognised not only on a national but European scale by a major manufacturer such as Hewlett Packard.

We are very proud to have won this award and feel this is recognition of the hard work and dedication of the Perfect Colours team

In such a heavily competitive industry, how do you plan to evolve Perfect Colour’s services?

We are looking to continue to grow our sales of large-format print solutions as well as our service offering and further develop our product portfolio. Like with everything we do, our success will depend as much on our people as the general overall strategy moving forward. Overall I would say our portfolio is the strongest it has ever been and hand on heart I can also say the same of the Perfect Colours team. The future certainly looks bright. You can find out more information about the company and browse our site at www.perfectcolours.com.

Key Stats

  • Telling has worked with Perfect Colours for over 3 years
  • Won ‘Graphics Partner of The Year’ in 2014
  • The HP Designjet Production Tour took place over 4 days 
  • Awarded HP’s ‘Top Reseller Ranking’ award in 2015

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