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Ahead of the Curve


After signing up to exhibit at The Print Show 2019, Genevieve Lewis speaks to Jeswin Raju, sales and business development manager at SAMOA Industrial Group, which incorporates Hydrair

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Twin post ram mounted ink feeding pumps

It’s all golden for Hydrair

This year, Hydrair will celebrate its golden jubilee. It was established in 1969, and is based in Droitwich, Worcestershire. In 2004, Hydrair become part of SAMOA, a Spanish group. Now, it is one of the
leading manufacturers of ink supply systems.

Jeswin Raju, sales and business development manager, explains: “Hydrair is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ink pumping equipment and related control systems.

Floor mounted ink pumps for large containers

[We are] based out of Droitwich in Worcestershire and have provided ink supply systems to almost all major newspaper presses in the UK – its home market.

“Established in 1969, Hydrair began its operations by installing a multi-colour ink feeding system for a high-speed commercial press. Ever since then, Hydrair is known as the pioneers in ink feeding pup systems and their products are considered as the benchmark for reliable high-quality heavy-duty pumps.”

Established in 1969, Hydrair began its operations by installing a multi-colour ink feeding system for a high-speed commercial press

Since 1969, the company has grown to offer systems across a range of industries, including food, beverages, pharma and healthcare. Raju continues: “The company grew multiple folds later by developing innovative fluid handling solutions for ink, sealants, adhesives, food, beverage, pharma, personal healthcare industries etc. This, combined with the engineering capability, helped the company in bagging many prestigious projects within the UK and abroad for the complete turn-key indoor fluid handling and distribution systems.

“However, the real growth contribution was from the users who referred Hydrair products to other potential users. Today, Hydrair products are employed worldwide through the support of its global network of distributors and the references by large printing machine manufacturers.”

The growth of the company over the last 50 years resulted in a number of achievements including its inception into the SAMOA Industrial Group, a Spanish organisation in 2004. Raju adds: “In 2004, Hydrair became part of SAMOA Industrial Group, thereby expanding its presence and access to a larger audience across the globe. Hydrair products are now manufactured in Spain as well, apart from the UK and the group employs more than 550 people.”

Single post ram mounted ink feeding pumps

As the business expands over the two countries, Hydrair boasts production facilities in Gijon, which is on the north coast of Spain. Raju adds: “In Gijon, on the Spanish north coast where the majority of Hydrair products are manufactured, SAMOA’s ultra-modern manufacturing facilities are spread across 260,000sq ft and are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art production technology and equipment.”

Golden Jubilee

Its continued growth and expansion means that this year, Hydrair will celebrate 50 years in business. Raju comments: “Hydrair, celebrating their golden jubilee this year, thanks all of its clients and re-affirms on their stand to product and service quality. Together with SAMOA, Hydrair has ambitious plans to expand and is aiming for new heights. With its technical know-how, Hydrair will continue to launch innovative products to market to solve existing customer needs as well as intelligent fluid management solutions to meet the demands of the 21st century.

Together with SAMOA, Hydrair has ambitious plans to expand and is aiming for new heights

“All Hydrair products including the hydraulic and pneumatic piston pumps, air operated double diaphragm pumps etcetera are expertly engineered to deliver performance and serviceability and that’s why Hydrair is the automatic choice – the smart solution for all your pumping needs.”

Even though the company has 50 years under its belt, Hydrair still has the vision to move forward – by targeting other markets and developing innovative products. Raju continues: “Being the pioneers in the offset ink feeding pumps and systems, Hydrair plans to develop further its business onto the flexographic printing industry and
has developed a revolutionary next generation air operated diaphragm pumps.

“These pumps are specialised in the smooth handling of low to medium viscous fluids, offers low noise, vibration and pulsation and are extremely efficient compared to the conventional design AODD pumps, thereby providing an innovative solution to the users worldwide.”

Trolley mounted ink pumps for small drums

Hydrair are at the bottom of how printers make sure their print shops run as smoothly as possible. Raj concludes: “Pumps are the heart of every process industry and reliable pumps are the key to a healthy production facility.

SAMOA-Hydrair makes high quality pumps and related systems, which are extremely reliable and help the production go running trouble-free for years. As the mean time between failures (MTBF) and downtime are extremely low, the overall life cycle cost of Hydrair pumps are incredibly low. This keeps the customers coming back to Hydrair for all their new and expansion projects and keeps Hydrair running as they did for the last 50 years.”

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