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Ahead of the Curve


Genevieve Lewis talks to Steve Andrew, group production director of Xeretec, the largest Xerox reseller in Western Europe, on the world’s first six-colour digital press, the Xerox Iridesse

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Xeretec showcased the Xerox Iridesse press for the first time in the UK at The Print Show 2018

Xeretec: digital domination

There was a certain buzz surrounding the Xeretec stand at The Print Show this year, and that is most certainly because of the mesmerising Iridesse press from Xerox, which is the world’s first six-colour digital press.

Xeretec is Western Europe’s largest Xerox reseller, and also holds the crown as the largest independently owned providers of print technology within the UK. After almost three decades in business, the number of staff members has grown from 15 through to 280 across 13 offices in the UK and Ireland, including London, Bristol, Birmingham and Gateshead. There are offices across four major cities in Scotland, and two in Ireland, based in Galway and Dublin.

Steve Andrew is the group production director for Xeretec

Steve Andrew, group production manager, discusses the beginning of the company: “Xeretec’s journey began in 1991 as a business employing 15 people. Through a powerful combination of organic growth and acquisition, the company now employs over 280 people in 13 offices across the UK and Ireland, with a turnover of £70m.

“Our strong customer-focused culture, partnerships and in-house talent have enabled us to grow to become Xerox’s largest reseller in Western Europe and the largest independently owned provider of print technology in the UK.”

Andrew continues: “Xeretec supports organisations ranging from SMBs and large corporate offices to commercial printers in the graphic arts sector it is renowned offering them an unrivalled breadth and depth in expertise.

Xeretec supports organisations ranging from SMBs and large corporate offices to commercial printers in the graphic arts sector

“With a state-of-the-art in-house helpdesk facility, field-based dedicated customer service agents and extensive client services, Xeretec has become a trusted business partner to thousands of companies, consistently delivering an optimised customer experience and tangible business value. More than 25,000 devices are supported by the Xeretec helpdesk.”


With the launch of the Iridesse, Xeretec’s future plans will revolve around the press and how it can impact the market. The company aims to research the effects that having the ability to print silver and gold will have for customers, as well as its influence on the market.

“As we take a look at our new flagship product, the Xerox Iridesse, the world’s first six-colour digital press, we look at the impact of gold and silver and how this can add significant value to the digital market place,” says Andrew. “The ability to produce metallic prints across a wide range of media at a price point not seen before makes this a designer’s dream and one that all creative marketing agencies will surely want to engage with.”

The Xerox Iridesse press is the world’s first six-colour digital press

Not only has Xeretec enjoyed success as one of Xerox’s largest resellers, but also as a company in general.

Andrew adds: “Honoured as a Xerox Platinum Concessionaire Partner of the Year and Xerox Finance Partner of the Year in 2017, its success has been recognised by highly respected and influential business institutions including The London Stock Exchange, which listed it in its annual ‘1000 companies to inspire Europe’ 2017 report.”

Growth opportunities

While it is clear that the Xerox Iridesse is going to cause a stir within the industry, Xeretec note that there are multiple opportunities within growth sectors such as marketing and direct mail. With the recent introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) earlier this year, there is a growth opportunity in marketing, and personalised mail to entice customers. Less emails are falling into inboxes, but instead this gives the opportunity for physical mail to drop through letterboxes.

Xeretec has noted that developing its inkjet offering can aid this movement into direct mail and promotional applications. Andrew continues: “Our current strategy is to further compliment and develop our inkjet offering.

The opportunity for direct mail, promotional and transactional applications with card carriers are high value markets. We are seeing an increased requirement for offset transfer to inkjet on commercial applications too which drives efficiencies, productivity and ultimately a far more sustainable model for printers to grow their businesses.”

With a turnover of £70m and the title of largest Xerox reseller in Western Europe, it is no shock that Xeretec are one of the most successful print businesses within the UK. And at less than 30-years-old it is an impressive feat. As it continues to expand its partnership with Xerox and the highly-anticipated Irridesse press, we may just see it become the largest reseller in the whole of Europe in the future.


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