Thursday, 22 Jul 2021 14:50 GMT

Cruzcampo goes bold with Crown Accents technology

Packaging company, Crown Holdings, has teamed up with beer and cider brand Heineken to bring about an exciting set of printed cans for Spanish beer, Cruzcampo. The cans are part of the company’s summer campaign “Con Mucho Acento” which translates as “heavily accented”.

Crown’s unique “Accents” printing process has been used to create the 12 bold can designs which combines graphics from six artists local to the area of Andalusia.

The technology allows up to 24 designs to be printed in one run and Crown states: “It is a great way to create a series of collectible cans and enhances shelf appeal via its non-uniform visual effect.”

The cans sport a vivid red colouring that not only stands out but also evokes the local culture through their bold black and silver illustrations. The designs use transparent ink to give a premium finish that is complimented by the natural metal finish of the can.

Marketing and business development director at Crown Veronique Curulla, says: “Working with Cruzcampo has been a wonderful experience for the entire team.

It is a great way to create a series of collectible cans and enhances shelf appeal via its non-uniform visual effect.

"The use of our Accents variable printing technology has made “Con Mucho Acento” a truly stand-out campaign, wonderfully depicting the richness of cultural diversity and heritage of the region intertwined with the beer itself.”

The Accents printing process means the limited-edition designs are as diverse as the culture they are based on. The cans depict a “heavily accented” word along with its visual interpretation, featuring works such as “Poderío” (“Empowerment”), “Arrejuntarse” (to gather around a beer), and “Pellizco” (a pinch in the stomach when feeling something special).

The technology being pioneered by Crown is perfect for Heineken and Cruzcampo’s dedication to celebrating the summer and cultures around the world. By cutting customised shapes in printing blankets that can cover a range of different cans and designs Crown and Heineken’s collaboration is an exciting indicator to the new ways brands and packaging companies can work together.

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