Wednesday, 21 Jul 2021 15:36 GMT

HP forms partnership to help save our oceans

HP has partnered up with the Ocean Decade Exhibition becoming their official printing partner. The exhibition aims to highlight the importance of our ocean, while also inspiring action.

The exhibition has been created by The Ocean Agency, a non-profit creative agency that is devoted to raising awareness of ocean conservation. Part of The United Nation’s Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, the event will showcase a range of artwork that looks to transform and inspire the way the world sees ocean science and conservation.

As the printing partner for the exhibition, HP is producing the stunning works of art using water-based inks and HP Latex printers. The printing process used by HP stays true to its dedication to sustainable business practices, which includes using around 1,700,000 pounds of ocean-bound plastic for use in HP products.

HP are producing the amazing physical photo-art using water-based inks and HP Latex printers, all designed as eco-friendly options. Image: Egzon Muliiqi.

HP’s chief executive officer, Enrique Lores, says: "At HP, our ambition is to become the world's most sustainable and just technology company. If we simply stay the course, we will fail to meet the magnitude of this moment. The pace of change in the world around us is accelerating, and so must our efforts to create the future we want to see."

According to HP, working with The Ocean Decade Exhibition is part of its commitment to its eco-friendly operations and sustainable solutions.

Lores says: "we plan to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions across the HP value chain by 2040, with a 50% reduction by the end of this decade.” HP is also pledging to reach 75% circularity for products and packaging by the year 2030.

The artwork and posters have all been made to raise awareness of ocean science and the work required for ocean conservation. Image: Sam Peel.

Printing impactful photo art and posters allows HP to demonstrate its commitment to supporting eco projects, and ocean-based initiatives. In 2020, HP opened a $2m (£1.46m) plastic washing line in Haiti capable of creating high quality recycled plastic for products like ink cartridges and PCs.

The images HP is helping to produce with The Ocean Agency and artists from around the world include work by Kemi Schneider, Egzon Muliiqi, and Juliana Corrales. The artwork is freely available online for the public to curate and make their own micro exhibitions across locations such schools and aquariums.

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