Wednesday, 19 May 2021 10:22 GMT

Covid letters book produced using Antalis paper

A special book featuring posters created by children expressing their feelings about the pandemic has been produced using Antalis paper.

The idea for the 352-page book came from designer and fashion label owner, Jonny Banger, with the poster designs inspired by Boris Johnson’s ‘stay at home’ letter which was sent to UK homes following his speech on March 23rd, 2020.

As well as an exhibition showcasing the posters, Banger turned to London-based printer Gavin Martin Colournet to produce the book.

Managing director of the firm, Gary Bird, opted for Antalis to supply the paper due to their large range of options and environmental solutions.

For the cover of the book, Antalis’ Keaykolour Deep Black in 300gsm was chosen which is made of recycled content and is carbon balanced by Antalis UK. The inside pages were produced using Claro Bulk 130gsm because of its ability to do the colourful designs justice in the book.

The poster designs were inspired by Boris Johnson’s ‘stay at home’ letter

The book also features index-cut pages featuring a selection of letters from parents which were sent in with the poster entries. These are printed on Image Coloraction in Tropic Pale Pink which is an uncoated multifunctional paper.

Bird comments: “Most of the children’s submissions were artwork with lots of colour and so it was important that we were able to reproduce these as faithfully as possible. We wanted a coated paper with a true matt texture and Claro Bulk fulfilled these criteria perfectly.”

The book was a success and sold out quickly with a limited run of 800 copies produced.

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