Wednesday, 18 Nov 2020 09:58 GMT

HP strikes record 60-press deal with Shutterfly

HP has expanded its strategic relationship with Shutterfly by agreeing to supply the online retailer with more than 60 new high-performance HP Indigo digital presses.

The agreement is the largest single customer order to date for the HP graphics business with the roll-out of the new presses already underway.

The deal includes next-generation B2 HP Indigo 100K digital presses, HP Indigo 12000 digital presses and significant investment in web-fed photo presses to transform photo portrait printing to digital.  

“Over our 20-plus year legacy, Shutterfly has committed to investing in the best and most innovative technology to fuel our business, delivering high-quality products to our customers, hosts and partners,” Shutterfly chief operating officer Dwayne Black says.

“This latest upgrade of our HP Indigo fleet continues that investment in quality, productivity and innovation, with significant advancements in speed and automation that help us deliver even higher quality products to our customers, even faster at a time when sharing tangible memories is more important than ever.”

Haim Levit, general manager of HP Indigo, adds: “Today more than ever before, tangible, personalised experiences are becoming more precious. Consumers are looking for quick turnaround, alongside real-to-life photo quality.

“We at HP Indigo are proud to be Shutterfly’s provider of choice in making this a reality.”

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