Thursday, 26 Mar 2020 10:55 GMT

Quocirca cites benefits of cloud print services

Cloud print services are emerging as a way of minimising the cost and improving the efficiency of operating an on-premise print infrastructure, according to a new report by Quocirca.

Key findings from the study include that while the traditional on-premise print infrastructure can be complex and characterised by cost inefficiencies, cloud-based print services and solutions can help overcome such challenges.

Quocirca found, if used correctly, cloud print services can help to reduce costs, lower the IT burden and improve security.

“Adopting a cloud-based print infrastructure can eliminate on-premise print servers, multiple print drivers and queue management while simplifying the environment and reducing the administrative burden on IT staff,” the report says.

In addition, Quocirca found that almost three quarters of organisations expect to adopt cloud print management by 2025, while many are adopting a multi-cloud strategy to further enhance operations.

Any cloud print solution or service must be capable of integrating across a broad range of platforms

“Any cloud print solution or service must be capable of integrating across a broad range of platforms,” the report says.

“Hybrid cloud approaches that include an on-premise component will also meet the needs of organisations wanting to keep printing tasks within their firewall, offering flexibility that can be tailored to different user groups and employees.”

Adam O’Neill, managing director Australia and New Zealand at Y Soft, one of the companies included in the report, adds: “With cloud-based printing, organisations’ resources could be deployed to work on more strategic initiatives to improve business processes and operations rather than managing print infrastructure.”

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