Friday, 25 Oct 2019 14:37 GMT

PVC-free packaging launched

Antalis, distributor of paper and packaging has recently launched its new product, Triaprint polypropylene.

The extruded polypropylene sheet is the latest addition to its range of sustainable materials. The sheet sizes are available in 1220 x 2440mm and 1500 x 3050mm and customers can opt for thicknesses of 3.4mm and 5.7mm.

The standard colour for the sheets is white but the sheets can be customised to order. Other features of the sheets include high compression strength, high rigidity and low weight.

Triaprint has a smooth surface and acts as an alternative to PVC which contains dangerous chemical additives.

According to Greenpeace, PVC is the most environmentally damaging type of plastic and has been linked to the onset of cancer, immune system damage and hormone disruption.

The Triaprint is not only safer than PVC and completely recyclable, but the manufacturers have developed the sheets to be fire resistant, making the sheets suitable for use in hospitality and other industries.

Antalis is committed to the continued development of sustainable material alternatives for its customers

Antalis says that the sheets can be used for a variety of purposes including display, indoor and outdoor signage, exhibitions and events, and both internal and external hoardings.

Paul Neale, visual communications product manager at Antalis, says: “Antalis is committed to the continued development of sustainable material alternatives for its customers. Following the recent launch of Xanita Board – a lightweight, robust and sustainable fibre-board manufactured from fibres recovered from recycled cardboard boxes – Triaprint now joins the portfolio. Further products are planned for launch later this year!”

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