Thursday, 24 Oct 2019 14:29 GMT

Shaping the future of laser printing

DGSHAPE Corporation, a subsidiary of Roland DG Corporation and manufacturer of digital fabrication tools announced the launch of its 305mm x 230mm LD-300 laser decorator this week.

The LD-300 is capable of printing on leather as well as soft plastics and its design means that it can be used for small and larger objects.

The printer can accommodate items up to 50mm in thickness but if users need to create designs on larger objects with a 200mm limit, the bed can be removed.

The LD-300 is the next generation of DGSHAPE's laser decorator technology

Graphics and text can be produced using bundled METAZAStudio software.

According to Hiroshi Oe, global product manager for 3D Products at DGSHAPE: “The LD-300 is the next generation of DGSHAPE’s laser decorator technology. It’s larger and more robust platform can produce all the previous applications of the revolutionary LD-80 laser decorator, while also adding the capability of foil decoration on large items

The printer is suitable for a range of working environments and the company has put safety first by installing a shielded front cover and enclosed frame.

For now, The LD-300 will be released in select markets: Japan and Australia in early December, and US and Europe in Q1 of 2020. Wide release is expected in Q2 of 2020.

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