Wednesday, 03 Jul 2019 12:28 GMT

Design Reality explores a new market

Whilst not all printers will have every piece of equipment needed to complete any job, outsourcing printing jobs can generate costly prices and longer turnarounds. When outsourcing, the quality of a print job cannot be guaranteed in the same way as if you were completing the job yourselves.

Recognising the benefits of completing jobs in-house, one printing company decided to move into additive manufacturing and invest in an HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D 4200 to enhance its design and production capabilities whilst reducing its need to outsource.

Design Reality installed the 3D printer in October 2018 and since then has been able to offer a complete end-to-end solution encompassing design, prototyping and production into its offerings.

The firm’s team of design and electronics experts create products for clients in the industrial, medical, and consumer sectors and moving into additive manufacturing has supported their ability to work with clients throughout the entire process in a sector where every stage of production is crucial.

Due to growing demand for durable and robust products such as construction hats and prosthetic limbs, the Welsh company needed a machine with durable materials. Following the installation, the firm uses HP Nylon 12 material which allows for minimal waste and optimal cost and part quality.

We want to leverage any advantage we can to improve product development quality, performance and speed of delivery

The firm reflects on the move into a new market: “Our ambition is to make lives healthier and safer with the products that we design. We want to leverage any advantage we can to improve product development quality, performance and speed of delivery.

“The technology offered in the HP Multi Jet Fusion HP 3D 4200 enables reliable prototyping and additive manufacturing, providing quality products into the hands of our clients, faster and at a lower cost. Our clients no longer have to wait for conventional tooling and manufacturing processes, and the investment that is associated with it.”

As well as significantly broadening its production capabilities, Design Reality is believed to be the first in the industry to utilise a pay-per-use subscription model for its 3D printing materials.

The system allows the firm to pay for what it prints, as it prints giving a clear overview of real-time running costs. This guaranteed price allows the company to provide accurate and consistent quotes for parts, with confidence.

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