Friday, 14 Jun 2019 11:40 GMT

Healthy outlook at Digital Sign Technologies

Digital Sign Technologies has released a new update for its flagship Print Head Doctor machines, which it says is designed to clean any inkjet printhead and run complex cleaning programs completely unattended.

The new PHD15 can switch any of its ports between pressure and vacuum, enabling it to run complex recovery programs in one set-up, without the need for operator intervention.

The machine can clean a whole range of printhead – from Epson DX to Kyocera KJ4 – while users can create custom recovery programs and remotely control a PHD15 machine via an Android app.

The PHD15 also allows users to recover and clean printheads for 2D or 3D printers, with the additional ability to safely revive old printheads and extend their life and longevity, helping them save on costs.

“Digital Sign Technologies has been delivering alternative printing consumables for the past 15 years,” the company says in a statement, adding: “It pioneered alternative printing inks for wide-format printers, cartridge chip solutions, bulk ink feeding systems and print head recovery systems.”

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