Friday, 17 May 2019 10:58 GMT

E&B targets entry level market with imc.lite

Engelmann and Buckham (E&B) has set its sights on the entry level inkjet market by rolling out a new inc.jet product, specifically designed for smaller businesses looking to use an inkjet system.

Priced from £11,750, imc.lite is suitable for use on addressing bases, as well as printing onto poly wrap and paper enclosing machines.

Richard MacLean, director at E&B, says the device will shake up the lower end of the inkjet market, while also offering high performance and cost savings to the end user.

“Following the huge success of our high end mpp4 range we identified the need to provide a simpler, entry level system that could be used by a wide range of companies with addressing requirements,” he says.

“Some of our larger customers have been effectively using our original systems for the past couple of years and found massive benefits in cost and time savings.

“We wanted to open technology up to smaller businesses by offering a version that would reflect their size, and have developed imc.lite for these customers.”

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