Friday, 10 May 2019 12:15 GMT

Digital transformation redefines print process

Buyers and designers consistently drive change in the print industry with more consumers looking for quick turnarounds and competitive prices.

In response to this, what has been described as a “seismic shift in the industry” appears to be happening as print companies explore the potential of digital printing.

It is this shift in market demands that has driven one Indian print firm to undergo a “digital revolution.” Bliss Impex, an international manufacturer of synthetic textiles, printing fabrics and apparel fabrics, has invested in four Durst

Alpha systems in a bid to reap the rewards of digital to double business volumes and turnover within five years.

Three Alpha 190 Reactive machines and one Durst Alpha 180 printer for polyester work has been installed. The cost-effective digital technology provides industrial scale production of over 10,000,000 linear meters a month and is expected to replace Bliss Impex’s conventional textile printing set-up within three years.

Durst’s cost-effective and proven technology in a price-sensitive market is revolutionising our business

The four Durst machines are a major part of a €6m (£5.18m) investment in a temperature-controlled digital production centre.

“This is the future,” says Ekansh Jain, director of Bliss Impex. “Durst’s cost-effective and proven technology in a price-sensitive market is revolutionising our business. The machines are incredibly flexible with no limitations on colour.

“We can print on an endless list of materials with Alphas, including many that used to need pre-coating. The quality gives us a competitive edge, the sharpness and brightness really stands out. Buyers and designers are most impressed and are event asking for digital printing.”

Bliss Impex’s investment in digital is just one example of how production requirements for short-run orders, high quality, fast delivery and the ability to quickly respond to market trends are driving what Rajiv Verma, managing director of Durst India describes as a “digital transformation.”

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