Tuesday, 07 May 2019 12:45 GMT

Reducing delivery distance with Gelato Globe

A sustainable initiative has reduced one firm’s delivery distance of print material by the equivalent of a trip to the moon, reduced associated CO2 emissions by 113,000kg and reduced print costs by 47%.

As part of its corporate social responsibility commitments, paint and powder coatings manufacturer Jotun has implemented new software which provides sustainability solutions.

Gelato Globe allows print files to be stored, edited and shared through a cloud solution accessible from any device. Rather than printing everything centrally and then transporting across the globe, once prints are ordered, the files are automatically shared with the professional print houses that are closest to the delivery address.

As part of its dedication to offering sustainable products whilst maintaining high product quality and reliability standards, Jotun deployed Gelato Globe across its B2B units a year ago as part of its GreenSteps initiative.

As well as contributing to the firm’s sustainability efforts, the software has also helped Gelato to address some issues raised by its international customers.

Christian Sæterhaug, chief managing officer at Gelato explains: “Printing unnecessarily high volumes, transporting prints over long distances, customs issues, inconsistent print quality and invoicing hassles are some of the most common pain points described by our customers.

Establishing a more efficient print process has been a key part of our ongoing corporate social responsibility commitments

“Gelato Globe solves these issues for international customers, allowing them to print their professional materials on-demand and locally.”

By transitioning from large volume stock printing to on-demand printing decreases print volumes and, because prints are available quickly, Jotun no longer needs to order excess prints just in case they are needed.

“Reducing the transportation distances of our print materials by the equivalent of travelling to the moon (373,000km) is a fantastic achievement,” comments Cecilie Skeie Melberg, global communication manager at Jotun.

“Establishing a more efficient print process has been a key part of our ongoing corporate social responsibility commitments. Reducing associated CO2 emissions, along with cutting print volumes by almost half, are big wins that we’re delighted with.”

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