Monday, 04 Mar 2019 14:13 GMT

UK schools to receive thousands of new books

The National Literary Trust and the Morrisons Foundation have teamed up to donate over 7,000 brand new books published by Penguin Random House, to primary schools across the UK to celebrate World Book Day.

Not-for-profit organisation, Two Sides, released a study which compared the efficiency and effectiveness of print vs paperless reading which has confirmed that print has key advantages. The organisation found that children reading traditional books read more quickly, experienced less mental fatigue, found it easier to concentrate, and retained more of what they read.

A 2012 study by the Pew Research Centre’s Internet & American Life Library Services Survey also found that 81% of parents believe it is “very important” that their child read print books, citing the importance of print’s unique sensory and tactile experience.

World Book Day is a wonderful way to help children discover the joy of books

As part of the initiative, every Morrisons store in the UK will donate 15 books to a local primary school this week (March 4th – 8th). Children’s book author, Jacqueline Wilson, is an ambassador for the partnership and her book The Story of Tracy Beaker will be included in each donation.

Speaking to The Bookseller, Wilson says: “World Book Day is a wonderful way to help children discover the joy of books. It’s so important that they’re introduced to a variety of exciting and engaging stories, which is why I’m so happy to support Morrisons and the National Literary Trust to get 7,300 new books into the primary schools across the UK where they’re really needed.

“I’m thrilled that The Story of Tracy Beaker will be in primary school libraries. I hope children have fun reading about Tracy, chuckle at her naughty antics yet empathise with her situation – and then go on to explore may more stories.”

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