Tuesday, 13 Nov 2018 11:01 GMT

Bograma rotary die cutter

Brian Sims cuts through the BSR 550 Servo from Bograma, which has been designed to fit small and medium-sized production lines, with the only limit being your imagination

Don’t get bogged down

Flexibility can be a curse as well as a blessing and sometimes we can be overwhelmed with the amount of choice we can have. However, there are times when the choice of options can specifically assist what a business needs to adapt and change to the variety of issues and problems thrown at it on a daily basis.

The choice this month was to look at a Rotary die-cutter from Bograma called the BSR 550 Servo, which comes with so much choice, it is hard to see what rotary die cutting production it could not accomplish.

The BSR 550 Servo has been specifically designed to fit into the small and medium scale production runs that are now taking on more of the bread and butter work. With more digital presses fitting into the packaging market, it is easy to see why the machine from Bograma has slotted so well into the sector.

So where does all this flexibility come from and how do you sort out just what you need?

The basis of all the BSR 550 Servo suite of models is an innovative rotary die cut system using flexible plates that fit onto a twin cylinder die cutting configuration. Whether cutting, kiss cutting, creasing, perforating or embossing, the changeover of job can be accomplished in under five minutes. Move the out-going section of the press and the two cylinders with their magnetic inset surfaces can be easily accessed.

The BSR can be used for cutting, kiss cutting, creasing or perforating

Peel back the trailing edge of the lower plate and simply inch the machine in reverse and the forme peels off the first cylinder. Repeat the same process for the top forme and that cylinder relinquishes its cutting or embossing profile.

Bograma provide a cleverly designed guide plate and with the lower forme attached on the register pins set into the cylinder, the lower forme is rewound on the cylinder

Bograma provide a cleverly designed guide plate and with the lower forme attached on the register pins set into the cylinder, the lower forme is rewound on the cylinder. Again, as with the lower forme, the guide plate is reattached to allow the upper plate to be wound onto the cylinder. It is as simple as that and it has taken you almost as long to read this explanation as it would have done to complete the task. Push the out-going table back into place and all that is to be done is the resetting of the stripping table.

The table itself has a series of small lever secured strippers and stripping wheels to either push the striped section grids down to an automated waste conveyor or support the finished product onto the delivery table. In essence no tooling at all is needed to change from job to job. 

The range itself is made up of four models, one offline, the BSR 550 Servo-Basic and the other three being online versions giving either upstream or downstream-upstream production.

BSR 550 Servo-Basic is a standalone model with a feeder and table encompassing a vacuum belt and ball rail of a length of 1,500mm. The sheet is transferred by the tried and tested method of a large steel ball sitting on a belt. The sheet is registered prior to passing into the die cutter and any that is not in correct location is recognised and ejected reducing waste and poor product quality. The speed of the BSR 550 Servo-Basic is up to 8,000 cycles per hour (depending on format) and post process the product is ejected onto a basic belt conveyor. 

At the heart of even the basic model is the aforementioned two magnetic cylinder unit so even though this model is intended to sit outside of a continuous production process, should you wish to upgrade to other options, Bograma can provide the add on elements to suit your requirements.

The second variant is the BSR 550 Servo with flat pile feeder. This machine is designed to fit into production at the front end of the process. There is an upgraded feeder on this machine and the speed of production is increased to 12,000 cycles per hour again depending on format.

Instead of having a delivery table to eject to, the flat pile model has the interface to allow it to be coupled to folding machines, mailing systems and packaging machines and as such this die cutter can fit into a highly productive, multiple facet production process.

The third of the variations of the BSR 550 Servo is an upgrade to the flat pile version to a pallet feeder. This allows for the pre-stacking of product up to a height of 1,000mm which means the change from one pile to another can be accomplished with the minimum of fuss and stoppage time.

Just as with the flat pile model, the pallet feeder version has the same interface and is perfect to be the first process of a high volume production process.

The fourth variation is called the BSR 550 Servo register table model and this continues with the heart of the magnetic cylinder die cutter but this model has no feeder and just comes with the register table. Whilst this might at first glance appear to be puzzling, the reason it is devoid of a feeder unit is that this model needs to fit in between processes.

Max size of paper passing through is 550 x 750 mm

The reason for this variant is for it to have both downstream and upstream production such as cross cutters, digital printing machines and folding machines. In this configuration the BSR 550 Servo clearly can be a capable post production machine.

These four variations are the start of the flexibility, the addition of other equipment that Bograma can provide further production options.

For instance, there is a transfer unit called the UEB 550 B with clocked air nozzles which helps with the accurate separation of the inner cut product. The SAB 550 stream delivery can deliver multiple types of production from A3 to 30 x 30mm into a stream for further transit and production.

Just to further add to the choice range, the BSR 550 Servo can come with upstream continuous feeders, and downstream buckle folders

The Pile feeder option can come with a pre-loader to prepare stacks to further improve uninterrupted production volume. Just to further add to the choice range, the BSR 550 Servo can come with upstream continuous feeders, and downstream buckle folders.

This clever die cutter is extremely well designed not only with ease of use and a simple set up in mind, it has also been designed with massive scope for integration not only with the Bograma designed equipment, but also to fit with manufacturers such as MBO, Herzog + Hymann and many other equipment manufacturers. Realistically the only thing that possibly limits the BSR 550 Servo is your imagination.

Brian Sims, principal consultant, Metis Print Consultancy, www.metis-uk.eu