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Print Show sparks new print partnership

Since its launch in 2015, The Print Show has established itself as a must-attend event on the UK print industry calendar, with the show serving as a platform not only for new kit launches, but also new business partnerships.

This is a trend that Smart Print, Twenty 10 Digital, and V Press have found to their benefit as they have come together to form a productive partnership.

Last year, Twenty 10 Digital took full advantage of the gathering to invest in new technology. The firm invested in a Ricoh ProC7100, after having seen the device in action on the Smart Print stand at The Print Show.

Paul Stead, head of production print sales Smart Print, says Digital 10 had been looking for a digital press to compliment its existing HP Indigo and to replace its older Indigo device.

“Key points for Twenty 10 Digital were that they maintain the very high standards of image quality their customers were used to, whilst adding in features that extend the range of application that they could support,” Stead says.

He adds: “The Ricoh ProC7100 provided the answer to image quality, substrate and extended fifth colour requirements without the need for changes in working practices. Put simply, it ‘fitted’ into what they do, whilst giving them more to offer.”

Such was the success of the deal signed at The Print Show that Twenty 10 Digital and Smart Print have formed a new business partnership, and will work together at an upcoming open day event on June 28th. The two companies will join together with Vpress in order to showcase their services to the wider industry and the event will be held at Twenty 10 Digital's Northampton-based showroom.

Recent experience has shown us that ‘open days’ provide real opportunity for print service providers (PSPs) to showcase their capabilities to existing and new customers

“Recent experience has shown us that ‘open days’ provide real opportunity for print service providers (PSPs) to showcase their capabilities to existing and new customers,” Stead says.

“The idea is that we replicate an exhibition type event, within the premises of our customer. Working with Vpress and their fantastic Corperint product, we intend to help Twenty 10 Digital grow their business from end-users and some trade work.

“John Lumb and Paul Riley of Twenty 10 Digital have produced an impressive ‘passport’ application that will be used to take visitors through the web-to-finish process.

“We are inviting print management companies, print buyers and design agencies from the region to join us, so that can see what Twenty 10 Digital can do.

“Fifth colours and the right substrate add value far beyond “How much for 500 business cards mate?” The industry has moved on and this open day will show how much.”

Amelia Hastings, marketing and communications officer at Vpress, also talks up the importance of this new link-up: “Our goal with Twenty 10 Digital is to work in co-operation with them and highlight its brilliant approach to being a modern print-service-provider.

“We thought that a good way of doing that would be to put together an open day and invite marketers to see just how exciting print is right now and show some of the technology that can make it happen.

“Some of the most exciting and talked about marketing campaigns of recent years have been print, and we want to show how important print can be in the marketing mix.”

Coreprint web-to-print solutions from Vpress are designed to help printers move print ordering online, personalise content, and integrate cross-media marketing campaigns.

Hastings continues: “As business becomes more competitive, the ability to reduce costs and make customers stick with you long term becomes critical. At Vpress, using our web-to-print solution Coreprint Pro, we work closely with our customers to help them achieve greater profits by automating workflows, adding new services and driving process efficiencies that tie customers in long-term.”

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