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Petrolheads rejoice as Porsche reprints manuals

Porsche Classic has reprinted 700 of its original car manuals, starting with the 356 model from 1952 all the way through to the 911 type 996.

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Porsche is reprinting hundreds of classic manuals

According to Porsche, over 70% of Porsche vehicles ever made are still on the road today, and for many classic car owners having the original manual is just as important as owning the car itself.

Porsche started digitising its documents several years ago as so many of its booklets have worn or been lost over time. The manuals have been reproduced to match the originals in terms of printing, look and quality.

Currently only available in Germany, the new service from Porsche will cost vintage Porsche owners around £68 with UK prices yet to be revealed.

The car manufacturer has also made a selection of technical literature available which can be ordered from the Porsche Classic online shop or from Porsche dealers around the world.

Porsche Classic has noted that the reprinting of this material isn’t just about driver’s manuals, but also contains “extensive technical information, settings and practical tips” for older, classic models.

There are also vehicle servicing and care booklets/instructions as well as vehicle wallets that are true to the original

From the radio unit number to the vehicle data carrier, the manuals include all identification details and their positions illustrated and described in detail.

Around 700 manuals are available including editions in various languages and some model variants, with around 150 produced in German. Porsche adds there are also “more than 100 warranty and maintenance booklets, 20 of which are in German. There are also vehicle servicing and care booklets/instructions as well as vehicle wallets that are true to the original.”

Elsewhere within Porsche production, a technician is using 3D print to produce and restore a vintage engine component. Benjamin Nenert recently won an award for his project in the restoration of the intake plenum in a 1983 Porsche 928, and will now see it produced by Italian 3D print company Weerg, using a HP Metal Jet Fusion 4210 3D printer.

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