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Two Sides helps promote environmental truths

Not for profit initiative Two Sides has recently made several strides in its mission to dispel myths over the sustainability of print and paper.

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Two Sides has continued its mission to demonstrate the sustainability of print and paper

In line with the recent COP26 conference in Glasgow, which sought to accelerate actions to tackle climate change, Two Sides has made a number of announcements to strengthen its mission.

Companies such as W&G Baird and Print on Demand Worldwide have partnered with the initiative to support its environmental story. The new members have come on top of announcements such as the joining of GB Mail, which like Print on Demand and W&G Baird will have access to Two Sides’ large library of consumer research, communication tools, and sustainability advice and events.

To also help combat the ongoing issue of sustainability Two Sides has produced a new ‘Myths and Facts booklet’ which details new facts and information regarding the eco-friendly nature of paper and print.

The Myths & Facts booklet explains to brands, retailers, and consumers nine powerful reasons that show just how sustainable paper products really are.

The booklet has been updated to help inform consumers and businesses about the still common falsehoods surrounding paper usage in Europe.

Managing director of Two Sides, Jonathan Tame, says: “Two Sides seeks to ensure that by fostering a better understanding of our industry’s environmental credentials, print and paper (from commercial applications to the basis of learning and creativity), remains an essential medium for many generations to come.”

Tame adds: “The Myths & Facts booklet explains to brands, retailers, and consumers nine powerful reasons that show just how sustainable paper products really are. Two Sides members are encouraged to use these facts in their marketing communications to further spread the reach of paper’s positive sustainable story.”

The new booklet features updated information to help its partner’s environmental knowledge

An area of disinformation that Two Sides has sought to tackle is that surrounding European forests. Despite beliefs from consumers that forests are shrinking, they are in fact growing exponentially (around 612 million m3 annually according to Two Sides UK).

Two Sides believes these forests to be vital to print’s environmental commitments as they support the livelihoods of millions of people, by helping with conservation, biodiversity, energy supplies, soil, and water protection.

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