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Plastic-free food packaging

As society becomes more environmentally conscious by the minute, foodies are becoming pickier about the food they choose based on the sustainability of its packaging.

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Environmentally conscious foodies will enjoy their grub guilt free, thanks to Metsä

According to a report by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, only 14% of the packaging used globally is recycled.

There are companies however which are innovating their food packaging to help decrease the amount of plastic that ends its life floating in our oceans.

Metsä Board has created a new plastic-free paperboard so consumers can enjoy their favourite foods while being kinder to the environment.

The Metsä Board has a medium barrier to protect against grease and moisture and because it is completely plastic-free, it removes the need for plastic separation making it cost-efficient and easy to recycle.

The material used for the packaging is made from fresh fibres from sustainably managed Northern European forests.

It is also free from optical brighteners, which according to a Swedish study is a chemical which can cause genetic mutations in plants and fish. Optical brighteners are also unable to biodegrade, so the chemical has the potential to stick around for hundreds of years, polluting the environment.

Packaging is a necessity- for food distribution and safety - as well as avoiding food waste 

Katja Tuomola, business development director at Metsä Board says: “Packaging is a necessity – for food distribution and safety – as well as avoiding food waste. Paperboard packaging made from renewable materials is a sustainable choice, and with further development of the barrier properties of the paperboard we are now able to cater for a greater number of applications.”

As well as being free of chemicals and plastic, the packaging is light-weight which helps reduce carbon emissions down the supply chain.

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