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Get personal with direct mail

Genevieve Lewis asks: "With a number of factors boosting its potential, how can printers take advantage of the rise of interest in direct mail from marketeers?"

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Stuart Bamford, National Sales Manager, Post Press Division Friedheim International

Highly creative

In 2018 the face of marketing in general, and the direct mail industry specifically, changed due to four single letters. GDPR seemingly brought power back to the people and they’ve gone and exercised their right to this power – and unsubscribed from everything.

A truly individual, highly creative, and personalised direct mail campaign can and will lead to major decisions being played out

In conjunction with a full and vibrant strategy, direct mail has the power to seize customers when they are unable to simply unsubscribe. A truly individual, highly creative, and personalised direct mail campaign can and will lead to major decisions being played out and huge results in loyalty and conversion. It’s up to printers to educate these marketing professionals on exactly what can be achieved from the amazing effects now made affordable by manufacturers such as Komfi (lamination, foiling and UV spot varnishing), KAMA (hot foil stamping, embossing and die-cutting), all the way to truly creative mail pieces available from Herzog and Heymann, speciality folders and Bograma die-cutters.

The market has changed from high volume leaflet drops to getting the most out of those first ten seconds of wow factor that the customers will remember, maybe even coinciding with a sneaky text or re-targeted online advert. With the new technology and added embellishment options, our manufacturers have increased the levels of automation and shortened make-readies to the point where printers can now afford to take multiple short-run jobs, personalisation’s and difficult substrates and make them profitable again.

Every marketing professional secretly wants to let their creative juices run wild, letting them do so will win the orders and keep them coming back for more. But as an industry, printers need to make sure their customers i.e. the marketeers have all the facts, materials, techniques and effects to hand – the range of options available to them is almost countless. The only limit to their conversion rate is their imagination. And for printers, that is what will keep bringing them coming back for more.

Fast turnaround

John Rodgers, Director, Tricord

Direct Mail has always played an important role in the marketing mix and savvy marketeers recognise the benefits of using this alongside other media channels. We have been working in the fulfilment and mailing industry for over 20 years and like all businesses, have evolved and adapted to the changing market dynamics. 

Whilst the current marketing landscape presents many opportunities for businesses to communicate with their customers, it also throws up problems as customers are exposed to a myriad of media channels and advertising messages.

Now is the time for businesses to take advantage of these crowded channels

Now is the time for businesses to take advantage of these crowded channels and deliver messages in a format that will stand out and get noticed. At Tricord we work with our customers to explore the best mailing formats and delivery options, advising on how to maximise the performance and response rates of their direct mail items.

GDPR has also changed the digital communications landscape with added levels of data security and control encouraging marketeers to re-consider traditional mail. Operating within ISO 27001 Information Security accreditation, we ensure all data is handled and processed securely. This reassurance is essential when processing and storing large volumes of personal data.

We have seen a significant uplift in the quality of direct mail with printers and designers utilising new technology to accommodate more complex and creative formats. Coupled with our advanced data services and personalisation, direct mail pieces can directly target customer preferences and requirements thereby delivering greatly improved response rates. Tricord has developed a number of tailored direct mail solutions which when linked to a clear call to action can drive a range of commercial responses including store visits, purchases, voucher redemption, online payment or telephone enquiries.

Most importantly, printers need a fast turnaround for receiving quotes and getting mailing jobs processed. From data cleansing, sorting and personalisation to fulfilment, packing and post, we make volume personalised mailing easy, effective and fast.


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