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While digital was once seen as the death of litho, we are now seeing the value of both technologies. Rob Fletcher looks at the latest developments in this sector

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What are the latest developments in litho print?

Best of both worlds

Rewind the clock 20 years or so, and the introduction of the first digital presses spread fear across the industry about what this exciting new technology might mean for the tried and trusted litho machines that had served the market so well for many years.

However, bringing ourselves back to the present day, and this could not be further from the truth. Digital and litho presses now work hand-in-hand at print companies across the world, complementing each other perfectly and allowing users to take on a whole range of work from many different markets.

While many trade press headlines may be focused around the latest advancements in the digital market, innovation is still rife within the litho market, with updates of exciting new developments being announced on a regular basis.

Here, we look at some of the newest progressions in litho and mull over what this could mean for the market moving forward.

Complementary technologies

One of the leading names in litho technology is Koenig & Bauer. Craig Bretherton, product and marketing manager at Koenig & Bauer UK, agrees that litho and digital are complimentary technologies that, when used together correctly, offer huge advantages to printers.