Friday, 20 Jun 2014 14:44 GMT

Downers, England and Hodgson… and Carl

It was all a bit predictable. The hype, the build-up, the fantasy and the disappointment as England got knocked out of the World Cup by Uruguay.

Call me cynical but when someone fails in industry they get fired but in the England Football set-up they don’t get sacked or even dropped. Two games two defeats. The numbers don’t lie. Surely the coach Roy Hodgson should resign before he’s pushed? Apparently not. Despite all the talk about how professional the English set up is they couldn’t win or draw a single game.

One man who hasn’t resigned from his job as a litho printer is Carl from Severn Print. He’s out in Brazil tweeting and posting photos on Facebook of his adventures in the South American country. He wrote on his social media site: “Yesterday was beach day. 12 Oysters costing just over a fiver and Spain losing was the best bits oh and of course the coconut and the company…” he also tweeted: “Flip flop buying. Meat eating. Football. Sunsets. And football going home.”

It’s sad it’s all over this weekend for the litho print blogger but he’ll be returning to his job at Severn Print that at least he went out to Brazil and had a great time. Unlike Roy Hodgson.

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